Lulu Thamani- Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

Joan Mwende, Malaika Women’s Development Program

Date grant awarded: July 16, 2018

Lulu Thamani’s women’s entrepreneurship program aims to equip women from under-served communities in East Africa with life and business literacy skills to propel their businesses to profitability. In addition to this, they provide education and linkage to micro financing and loan providers, ensuring the beneficiaries make informed decisions about their businesses.

To achieve social impact, Lulu Thamani partners with community churches because religious institutions play key roles in community development in Africa. Leveraging on their access to people, voice in community, public trust and credibility among others, they use this to champion for gender equality, women’s progress, proper health, access to resources and opportunities for the most underprivileged communities in Kenya. Joan Mwende, founder of Lulu Thamani, works alongside her husband, Daniel Kinuthia Kamau, a religious leader in Kenya, to reach out to the religious institutions for the purpose of social impact. They also work with a team comprised of volunteers and regional directors representing every community they have worked in.

This grant will allow Lulu Thamani to reach out to women from Inkitoo, Namanga with business and life skills, ensuring they are able to acquire information useful for them to set up and sustain profitable ventures.