Jimmy Amone, Community Basketball Court in Uganda

Jimmy Amone’s native Uganda is recovering from the trauma of almost twenty-three years of civil war, which has left thousands of children without parents and no access to quality education. To give these youth a safe space to gather, connect and congregate, Jimmy has championed the construction of a basketball court in the Kitgum district of Northern Uganda.

By providing a platform to encourage this youth population to develop their talents and constructively use their leisure time, Jimmy sees an opportunity to provide health and community education. Currently playing on bare ground, the community has already come together for a basketball tournament educating the local community on malaria prevention and handed out mosquito nets. Not only for community education but to create a space where everyone is accepted equally, Jimmy adds “These games that we will organize will unite people with different backgrounds in life and from diverse ethnic backgrounds.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to provide materials and labor to build the basketball court.