Jillian Jordan, The Great Seed Bomb

Jillian Jordan created The Great Seed Bomb in Fort Worth, Texas, to help save pollinators and empower the organizations that make local environmental impact.

Due to habitat fragmentation from over development and the loss of native habitat provided by the prairie land, pollinators such as bees and monarchs are at risk. Monarch butterflies thrive on milkweed, without it they will become extinct. Bees are also suffering from lack of wildflowers. They have to travel farther distances to get the nourishment they need, however, it is becoming extremely difficult for them to travel and continue to reproduce.

Starting in the fall of 2015, The Great Seed Bomb will host a 15-mile bike ride in Fort Worth and – if successful – continue to Dallas, Austin and Houston throughout the course of 2016. During the all-ages ride, participants will throw and distribute native wildflower mix and native, drought-tolerant milkweed seed bombs along the various routes. The goal of the rides are to plant native milkweed and wildflower seeds for monarch, bees and other pollinators and further awareness for health and the environment. Jillian will donate a portion of proceeds to effective area environmental nonprofits and organizations and plans to help encourage fun and healthy ways for parents and their children to stay active together.

“I am an active community member and the work is to raise quality of life standards for folks while educating them about environmental issues. I believe crowds can make a difference,” said Jillian.

For more information and conversation, you can visit The Great Seed Bomb’s Website and Facebook group.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 22, 2015