tudents can access the educational resources by connecting to the server on the tablets

Jermoh Kamara and Mrs. Gertura Slobert – Lab-in-a-Box for Liberia

Each Lab-in-a-Box is donated by HVK Children’s Foundation and includes 20 Android tablets and a local server loaded with educational resources that can be accessed without an internet connection. These resources include Khan Academy, Wikipedia for schools, a variety of textbooks for all education levels and subject, literacy training software, an atlas similar to Google Earth, and many others. The server allows students to access the educational resources, leading to a greater understanding of the topics they are being taught. Eleven teachers and administrators at two of our six partner schools, Zoe Louise Preparatory, and Twins Academy, received 5-days of training and fours additional training for one academic year. Today, these schools have a school-wide schedule that is teaching ICT skills three days a week for 45 minutes using our system.

Drawing from our success from these two schools, our four partner schools will be receiving the same services. Our partner schools previously did not have access to sufficient quantities of textbooks and other educational resources. Students are also graduating primary, secondary and junior high school without essential skills such as 21st-century literacy, STEM, and computer skills. Our program support rural schools to open their own shared library, it trains teachers to train their students and it provides a world of digital skill-based learning opportunities for children coming from disadvantaged homes.