Jennifer Mennuti

There couldn’t be a much better description of Jen Mennuti than “unsung vegan hero.”

For many years Jen has been a non-stop volunteer for Mercy For Animals as well as numerous other national vegan advocacy organizations including Compassion Over Killing, Vegan Outreach, Compassion Works Intl., PETA, and Farm Sanctuary, as well as grassroots groups in South Florida. You name it, Jen has done it and does it on a weekly basis:  organizing screenings of animal rights or vegan films; passing out leaflets at colleges, concerts, festivals, and city streets (one of my most enjoyable leafleting experiences ever was meeting up with Jen and her volunteers to leaflet the beach in South Florida – not a bad way to spend an afternoon!); tabling; attending animal rights conferences; and spreading a message of compassion online.

Almost every week, she goes out to the famous Lincoln Road in Miami Beach to help staff a table where she shows video of factory farm cruelty and passes out vegetarian leaflets and starter guides to the throngs of tourists walking up and down the road. What’s more, she does all of her work with kindness, humility, and a level-headed pragmatism that is sometimes too rare in our movement.

If you work at a vegan advocacy organization group like I do you’ve probably met Jen; and if you live in South Florida and are an animal advocate, you definitely have. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, know that she is an incredibly dedicated and prolific powerhouse of vegan advocacy!