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Jemima Laurent and Natasha Stone, College Lingual, Inc.

Jemima Laurent and Natasha Stone are the founders of College Lingual, Inc.  in Newark, NJ, a non-profit that supports first generation immigrant students and their families as they transition from high school to college.

Jemima and Natasha are the daughters of immigrant families who struggled to support their children in U.S. schools. While attending college, both women had to overcome the challenges of first generation students, while learning to cope with the stress of assimilating to another culture. Following their graduation, they vowed to help other first generation immigrant students by providing them with essential support systems to help them navigate university life.

Through College Lingual, Inc., Jemima and Natasha hold monthly meetings and workshops where students and their families receive social support, academic tutoring, and assistance with college applications. After graduating from high school, participating students are assigned mentors from local universities who will support them throughout their college careers.

Jemima and Natasha state, “We want to educate students (like us) & parents (like ours) about the process of applying to college and the challenges that they may face.”

For more information, please visit College Lingual, Inc.’s website or Facebook page.

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