Hussein Jembe at enterance of park

Jembe Hussein Jembe and Kwale Youth Org. – Promotion Friendly Environment in the Eco-system of Shimba

The project works around the ecosystems of the great where by we try to promote a friendly environment to the animals and human being who frequently visit the game park. The main issue the project addresses is ensuring the ecosystem of Shimba Hills is kept clean for the animals and tourists who visit the park for adventuring purposes. Over the years we saw the park fill with plastic waste, rusting metals, and polythene bags. Kwale Youth Network Focus is able to facilitate this work through park clean up programs, tree planting programs, the formation of environmental clubs, community sensitizations, botany classes, and providing dust bins to vehicles visiting the park.

Since first receiving funding from The Pollination Project, we have grown in both human capacity and organizational development. Moreso, we have developed new programs as a result of funding, among those being to establish a research center.

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