Jeff Walker, Rhymecology Guide and Game

A counselor and therapist, Jeff Walker understood why some therapists had difficulties connecting with the “at-risk” youth who were trapped within the system. Recognizing that it was the inability for clients and therapists to find a common language in which to discuss deeply personal issues, he discovered that his own time working within the hip-hop community provided him with a natural rapport with the youth coming into his office.

Utilizing an innovative replicable system, he hopes to equip fellow mental health professionals with the tools he has gathered during his years of study as well as his experiences in the hip hop community. Rhymecology uses the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help “at-risk” youth express, discover and create themselves. In creating guides for fellow mental health professionals, he is hoping to open a dialogue which will become a source of health and healing in the youth often lost within the system due to a lack of ability to relate. “The Rhymecology ethos uses the hip-hop lyrics and culture and brings them into the mental health field, providing counsellors with an alternate tool to connect with and eventually heal their clients.”

Funds from The Pollination Project will be used to create and print copies of The Rhymecology Guide as well pay for marketing expenses.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 13, 2014