Jaqueline García Salamanca

Jaqueline García Salamanca, Women For A Culture Of Peace And Social Empowerment

Date grant awarded: 05/28/2017

Faced with few job opportunities, violence, insecurity and the climate of despair suffer, many women suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. The objective of the project is to train women and their sons and daughters in human development issues and artistic activities that contribute to a culture of peace in the areas of mental health and nutrition, peace, and social empowerment.

We will offer workshops on self-esteem, stress and emotion management, grief, anxiety and depression, communication, sexuality, and more.

With the boys and girls, drawing and painting workshops will be offered with the aim of generating a space for expression, harmonious coexistence, freedom from violence and promoting a culture of peace.

We believe that social empowerment involves the development and recognition in one’s self of skills, abilities and characteristics that allow for participation in social change. This is why the tools we provide are designed to enable women to connect with personal power; To have the faculty and power to ‘be’, ‘do’, ‘be’ and ‘have’ and, ultimately, to live in freedom, with authority and recognition. We aim to help our participants realize their decision-making capacity, the power of acting on one’s own life and acquiring a voice to participate in social change, participate in decision-making and access to power and thereby achieve equality, development and peace.