Janet Njoroge

JANET NJOROGE – Connecting Poor Households to the Kabuthi Community Water Project

The Kabuthi Water Project is a community water scheme that has been constructed using a combination of community contributions and assistance from well wishers. It includes a borehole and mains pipe distribution system. Now that the scheme is nearing completion, each household is expected to meet the expense of installing pipes into their individual households and paying a connection fee.

However, many households are unable to meet the cost needed to connect to the water scheme because they lack the necessary resources to purchase the pipes and pay the connection fee to get their houses connected.These households will therefore be forced to continue relying on shallow wells that are highly polluted, especially by the nearby pit latrines that dot the area. With some assistance from our project, these households will be able to benefit from the Kabuthi Community Water Project and have access to clean, safe water in their homes.