Janet MacGillivray – Decolonize Big Ag on Stolen Lands

Date grant awarded: August 26, 2018

Janet MacGillivray is the founder of Decolonize Big Ag on Stolen Lands, which seeds new voices and a diversified narrative to awaken and unify compassionate people to expose how corporate food systems exacerbate climate change and marginalize communities. With their media campaigns, they will bring renewed and urgently needed attention to the longstanding plight of animals, our land and our precious water – but will focus on Indigenous lands in the United States where corporate agriculture has colonized and impacted the health of people and communities for too long. They will creatively address a leading cause of climate change and harm to a nonrenewable resource – our water.

The sacred protection of Mni Wiconi (“Water is Life”) by the reunified Indigenous tribes at Standing Rock inspired a spiritual and multigenerational environmental stewardship. Guided by elder spiritual leaders, they wish to bring these voices into the light and show how colonization of food systems for profit must be addressed with new voices, to inspire more holistic action for a better world.