James Green - FixmyKix

James Green – FixMyKix

James Green is the founder of FixMyKix, a project located in Oakland, California. FixmyKix builds awareness of (and a marketplace app for) the service of sneaker restoration and customization to promote artistic entrepreneurship amongst low-income young people, and to reduce sneaker waste in our landfills. Although the actual FixmyKkix app is still in development, you can find FixmyKix on Instagram @fixmykixx where they promote sneaker artist work on their page.

This project is needed because Americans throw out 300 million pairs of shoes annually and if we can reduce even a small percentage of that we will be taking a step towards environmental sustainability. The sneaker customization market has grown significantly since 2010, yet the process for finding quality work from sneaker artists is still pretty tedious because there is no one platform to go to for sneaker restoration/customization, so people are forced to take risks with artists selling their services through their social media pages. FixmyKix will create a platform for young artists to step into themselves as entrepreneurs and reclaim skills as their own while learning how to monetize their skills.

The Pollination project grant will allow James to develop his logo, purchase supplies for hosting events, and pay for online marketing as FixmyKix grows its brand online.