Jacqueline Way, 365give

Jacqueline Way, 365give

Jacqueline Way and Sarah Donaher believe that teaching children altruism at a young age will cause a ripple effect through schools, communities, and the world. Their vision, supported by school boards, teachers, and students in Vancouver, British Columbia, led to the creation of 365give.

The 365give Challenge is an educational program that prepares teachers to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to create positive change in their communities. The program helps teachers develop a culture of giving in their classrooms, deepening students’ empathy and social responsibility beyond the school and into their communities. Jacqueline and Sarah created the 365give Challenge to start a ‘giving’ movement that would bring positive change to the world.

Starting out as a simple project between a mother and her young son, 365give has now been introduced to over 275 students, in 13 classrooms, and aims to become a global movement that helps children change the world one ‘give’ and one day at a time.

To learn more about 365give, visit their Website, Twitter and Facebook page.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used for program marketing materials.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 18, 2014