Ivy Jefferson, Pathwaves 2 Success

Date grant awarded: October 22, 2016

For young people in Compton and other inner city areas, athletics and other extracurricular activities such as dance can provide a pathway to college. However, while scholarships remove some of the financial burdens of college, this is not an easy path. Many talented young people are poorly prepared academically and socially, and often struggle with the requirements for entering and attending college.

Pathwaves 2 Success is a much-needed initiative for these youth. There are many student-athletes in these inner cities, and many of these same students are not able to capitalize on the opportunities provided by participation in college level sport because of academic ineligibility and lack of resources to support them. There are few organizations in groups who take the time to cater to the needs of student-athletes and, unless the students are stars, the resources and support to help them thrive are deeply lacking.

Pathwaves helps to inform, educate, and nurture high school student-athletes by providing access to collegiate support and financial education, helping them navigate scholarships and access the resources that are available to them, and teaching them how to live independently. By serving as mentors and guides at the beginning of their college journey Ivy Jefferson and her team are helping these young people set themselves up for successful futures and transforming lives. Youth Development Hub member, Kehli Berry, chose to support Ivy’s work with a flow fund after witnessing the lack of support available to the young people in her community.