Impact Harvest Mobile Produce Market

Impact Harvest – Impact Harvest Mobile Produce Market

Funding is instrumental in the growth of Impact Harvest’s work in ending hunger in our communities. Generous donations from donors offer us the ability to grow produce in more efficient ways, thereby increasing our harvest yield and the number of food insecure families we can assist yearly.

Everyone at Impact Harvest is passionate about ending hunger in our community. We believe that every human being should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, regardless of their financial situation. We live and serve in 2 of the poorest counties in the state of NJ, where 1 out of 6 children go hungry each day. Recipients of our harvest are seniors, single mothers, working families, and soldiers who just don’t make enough to qualify for government food assistance, but are unable to purchase quality food. Many go on to become volunteers of our organization and help change the community and the environment that future generations will grow in.

The initial seed Grant from TPP gave us the funds to erect a 100′ high tunnel greenhouse at our farm, in which we grew weather sensitive crops inside. The greenhouse allowed for higher and healthier yields of produce that we then distributed in our community to food insecure families. The high tunnel also extended our growing season by several months.

The very generous follow up award will now be used to purchase a refrigerated trailer. The trailer will give us the means to store our harvest safely in a refrigerated environment. We intend to also use the trailer to go to food insecure neighborhoods who have limited access to transportation and host Market Nights throughout our growing season. This will give us an opportunity to reach more people who are in need this year.

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