Ikuba John Ona, Using Educational Videos to Teach Agribusiness2017-06-02T02:52:20+00:00
Ikuba John Ona

Ikuba John Ona, Using Educational Videos to Teach Agribusiness

Date grant awarded: 06/08/2017

Ikuba John Ona is the founder of Royaldream Builders Initiative-an NGO committed to promoting entrepreneurship amongst young people in Nigeria. His objective is to equip students and graduates of Nigeria’s tertiary education with requisite skills that can be used to become self employed after graduation. His current project involves using innovative educational training videos to teach agribusiness skills to final year students in Universities. This will be combined with practical internships on farms and mentorship from experienced farmers.This project is aimed at reducing Nigeria’s huge unemployment rate which estimates that over 40 million young people are out of jobs.


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