Iesha Baldwin, Reducing Spelman College’s plastic pollution

Date grant awarded: December 16, 2016

Iesha Baldwin is a sophomore at Spelman College in Georgia, USA. Her number one goal is to leave our planet in a better shape for future generations than past generations has left for us. She is a weekly volunteer for The Greening Youth Foundation and The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, which are environmental organizations in Atlanta.

After witnessing the problems associated with plastic pollution, Iesha decided to create an interactive art piece that focuses on the danger of plastics for planet earth and its species. The project will run for one week, during which students and faculty will be asked to give their used plastic water bottles to an environmental organization that will use all the proceeds from donated plastic bottles as proceeds to saving the coral reef in the ocean.

Iesha will then also use plastic bottles in an art piece to spread awareness about the dangers of plastic. The plastic bottles will be placed in the college pool to represent the major issue with plastic pollution – that it inevitably ends up in the ocean, killing animals and producing phenomena like the great Pacific Garbage Patch. The extra water bottles that are left will be turned into hourglasses which will represent time is running out to save our planet.

When asked why he chose to support this project with a flow fund, Youth Environmental Team Member Charles Orgbon told us: “If people are more conscious about the notion that “plastic is permanent” and plastic harms all life from sea animals to human beings then I believe that people will lower the amount of plastic that they consume. This program needs funding because it will make a difference in the amount of plastic that is consumed throughout the world which will play a huge role in saving our planet. Without [this], students and faculty will continue to use plastic bottles and plastic bags which are the most used plastics in today’s society.”