Humánny pokrok – A van for vegan food festivals in Slovakia

Our work is revolving around the issues of animal exploitation and sustainability. We are working towards ending the animal agriculture in order to save tens of billions of animals every year and in order to stop catastrophic climate change. Our project is promoting sustainable and compassionate diets, that don’t include any animal ingredients, that have lower environmental impact and lower carbon footprint. We are helping plant-based enterprises grow in every part of the country and we are helping individuals to find these enterprises in their vicinity. We want to grow even more, get more attention to these issues, and work towards supporting both the supply of and demand for sustainable and compassionate plant-based alternatives.

This work is important in order to overcome the currently greatest obstacles on the road to future of humanity. We need to stop the climate change and we need to start behaving towards the animals and the environment with respect. The most important thing here is the fact, that everyone can contribute to overcoming these obstacles and everyone should start doing so, since we have only limited time to do that.

The initial seed grant was an important step forward for our organization and for how we were planning our development. It was a significant boost for our growth, however as a growing organization, we always have new costs and expenses popping up. Most of those are operational and mostly can be covered by our budgets. Every time when we are trying to make a larger step, bigger cost-saving investment, or a future expansion, there are some costs, that are much bigger than our current level of development allows us to cover. Having an option to deal with this issues at once and not needing to save little by little for many months in a row really speeds up our development and ability to help animals and environment more effectively and more promptly.

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