Norly Germain with a group of people outside a rebuildt house

Hope & Change for Haiti housing project – Construction of sturdy & permanent houses in rural Haiti

Ravaged by hurricane Matthew in October 4-6, 2016, the Municipality of Paillant located in the southern region, has faced multiple challenges that include rebuilding loss houses, creating access to clean water, revitalizing farming and livestock activities, and encouraging economic growth. Hope and Change for Haiti has worked tirelessly side by side with the population of that municipality to bring hope, create sustainable change, restore dignity, and support local economy. We have tackled the issues by priority and have operated on a community volunteered-based model where the local people actively participate in the realization of the projects. Through our Housing & Water Project, we intend to move 70 families who lost their home during the hurricane in new permanent and sturdy houses. Therefore, we have so far built two 3-bedroom houses anti-earthquake and hurricane resistant as well as a cistern of 15000-gallon capacity alongside of each house to help the beneficiaries of these home and their nearby neighbors to have access to water. While we keep seeking financial assistance to help us to continue with that project as we still have 68 more houses and cisterns to build, we sincerely express our gratitude to TPP that has accompanied us for the construction of one of the cistern already built and another permanent house that we are planning to build this year to benefit another homeless family in Paillant.

I want to give back to this community because it is where I grew up. I personally know the hardships people there experience every day. When I was young, people believed in me and thought I could do better. It is because of the chance they gave me for further education that I can now help others. I want to create change in this village through sustainability projects. My passion is to see the people in this community live with dignity. At minimum, they must have a place to live and access to water. This is why I have created Hope and Change for Haiti and have committed myself to work unconditionally to help people in that community recovered with dignity and pride from natural disasters. Building permanent and sturdy houses and cisterns to give access to water to the people are at least some of the basic needs that have to be met in the community.

The initial seed grant from TPP facilitated us to build a cistern of 15000-gallon capacity alongside the first 3-bedroom house we built for one of the 70 homeless families in the municipality of Paillant. This grant has allowed solving two problems at the same time. While we provide a family a safe and permanent place to live, we provide access to water to the community. In that area families have to walk miles to find water in the river and carry them home. The cistern has facilitated access to water to 4-5 families, reaching 30-50 people, who live in that perimeter. It is also an important water supplier for the construction of the second house and the cistern we built in 2018. Without that grant from TPP, we wouldn’t have been able to build that cistern. Thanks to this initial seed grant our housing and water project face less obstacles in term of water supplies in that area.

Hope and Change for Haiti works to create infrastructure in Haiti to meet the basic needs of the people. To meet that goal, we invest in community development with focus on water, housing, and education in the rural regions of the country. Indeed, we have developed an ongoing housing and water project to rebuild houses for the people who went homeless after hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern region of the country in October 2016. By receiving a bigger grant from TPP, we will be able to complete the 50% of the amount needed to build a permanent and sturdy house and a cistern for another family in that municipality during the 2019. Thanks to this award from TPP, Hope and Change for Haiti will pursue its 2019 objectives in a timely manner. TPP greatly accompanies us in bringing positive social change through sustainable projects in Haiti.

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