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Hope Bailey, Planting Seeds Vending Machine

Hope Bailey is a young, social entrepreneur inspired by the need to live, eat and to provide sustainability in society. With co-Founder Kyle Hutcheson, they created Planting Seeds Co, an ever-evolving urban agriculture and  farming social enterprise in London, Canada. They are working to install a vending machine that will distribute organic seed packs, providing local community members with easy access to non-GMO seeds in an educational and innovative way.

Planting Seeds Co is focused on creating food sustainability and the environmental balance that comes with it. Their social projects and farmer’s market-style venues allow them to interact with the community to inspire optimism about a healthy future. By providing quality food products, they hope to expand community knowledge and encourage others to seek their own part in changing the world.

“With the love of the earth, wellness for others, art and food we are developing the trusted brand that we want to see in the world we have always been looking for,” Hope explains.

To learn more about Planting Seeds Co., follow them on Twitter and visit their Instagram and Facebook page.

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