Helen Tabe and group members

Help For Orphans in Cameroon – Healing the Split in the Psyche

Help For Orphans in Cameroon was founded by Helen Tabe with mission to improve the mental health among orphans in Cameroon as well as provide career counselling for career options. The particular project – Healing the Split in the Psyche – is a psychotherapy program to heal traumatized orphans with psychological disorders in Muea, Southern Cameroon. The therapy shall explore the darkest parts of orphans’ psyche that is causing the split and bring it to light to reduce the conflict in their subconscious for mind-body connection. The types of therapies shall include cognitive behavioral therapy, which will unravel cognitive distortions using worksheets and Socratic questioning, therapeutic drawing, which will express painful emotions for inner healing, and psychodrama, which will express feelings through acting past memories on stage.

Since traumatic events have profound effects on cognitive, emotional, and physical functioning in children, this program will release happy hormones, such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which will boost their moods, relax nerves, and improve ones self-esteem, pro-social behavior, and socialization skills. Funds from The Pollination Project will support us to buy 75 benches for the psychotherapy unit.