Heather Lyons and Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Ameritocracy: Racism in the Post-Racial Workplace

America’s conversation about race has become the forefront of conversations as of late in response to recent tragedies in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and Staten Island and Hempstead, New York. While it is important to be fostering these discussions, how they are conceived and addressed in the workplace are virtually nonexistent. Heather Lyons and Andrea Giampetro-Meyer based out of Baltimore are aware that no film exists that addresses this topic and set out to create Ameritocracy: Racism in the Post-Racial Workplace.

Ameritocracy aims to illustrate how the catalysts of these tragic life events trickle down to the workplace and reflect on the racial complexities and realities of our time.

In the documentary, audiences will hear from everyday employees, college students anxiously anticipating their graduation date and future and credible scholars who understand the state of equal opportunity in today’s workplace. The film will generate informed public discourse about how social science and legal approaches work together to inspire an employment world that embraces a true meritocracy. To best facilitate advocacy efforts, Ameritocracy will provide clear action steps for viewers alongside a social media campaign.

To learn more about Ameritocracy, visit their website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 3, 2015