Co-Founder, Lily Strong with residents of Jesus Mary Joseph House, a residential community in Santa Cruz that receives our compostable diaper service

Hayden Lilien & Lily Strong, Co-Founders – Clean Earth Diaper Project

Clean Earth Diaper Project is an initiative created by Co-Founders Hayden Lilien and Lily Strong to provide families living in poverty with compostable diapers and a service that turns them to dirt in just 12 weeks. Families use on average 300 diapers a month. Those diapers sit in our landfills for between 200 to 500 years.

This project aims to change the culture from disposable to compostable diapers by diverting millions of diapers out of our landfills. We make sure that families have enough diapers to adequately care for their children while spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability.