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A women holds a handmade doll.

Hamida Khatri, [i am] Project KALI – Celebration of Womanhood

Date grant awarded: March 3, 2016

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18.3% of the black African-American community in Baltimore, Maryland is unemployed, of which 12.1% are single householder women with a 41.8% living below 125% of the poverty level.

[i am] Project KALI – Celebration of Womanhood, designed by Hamida Khatri, welcomes women from East Baltimore for creative healing through fiber-based artwork, including puppetry and quilt making through recycled materials and products. By providing a safe space for emotional expression through creative arts, women will be able to share stories, become increasingly self-empowered and learn skills that help to develop an artistic marketable brand.

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