Hajjat Nagudi Asiya

Hajjat Nagudi, Organizing Urban Women for Uganda

By Suzan Wilmot, who selected this project to receive a flow fund grant.

Nagudi is a member of the Women’s Movement residing in Kampala, Uganda. This young and fast growing nonviolent movement has helped scrap a bill to raise age limits of judges and the president who has been in power for 30 years. They have stood with single mother flower farm workers exposed to banned chemicals and inhumane wages and work conditions.

Their aim is to stand up for the rights of women and Ugandans at large through people power. This project will help attract new female constituents to their nonviolent movement seeking an end to patriarchy, corruption, and violence in Uganda. Funds will be used to arrange meetings with womens associations, traders and other low wage laborers, and unions to work on issues that affect them all. Printed materials will help them conduct door to door recruitments in poor neighorhoods of the capital city so that the most marginalized female Ugandans have a sense of ownership of the movement. The Women’s Movement is intergenerational and open to all females committed to seeking justice through nonviolent means