Shawn Graham

Growing Food for the Community – 18-02-04P Applying 4H and Scout Knowledge for the Community

In the heart of Omaha, Nebraska is the 18-02-04P Applying 4H and Scout Knowledge for the Community project, which focuses on soil and water management practices. This work was initiated by students at the Aquatic Society of Omaha Inc, along with students from Saint Rosa College in Uganda, East Africa. It was quickly discovered that in order for crops to thrive, they need excellent access to water without over saturation.

With the 4-H curriculum in conjunction with University of Nebraska, Lincoln coursework, this project will address how water moves through soils to maximize its impact. 4-H scouts have expressed a common interest in finding places to both successfully grow crops while learning more about the science behind modern farming practices. With more students having access to develop food plus the ability to share across 12 states with the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center, more will be able to explain their hands-on application.

A grant from The Pollination Project will support in constructing larger raised beds for the 130-day Nebraska growing season.