Greg Warne, Cristy Orpurt, Forward Paths – Creative Paths2018-11-21T12:12:25+00:00

Greg Warne, Cristy Orpurt, Forward Paths – Creative Paths

Date grant awarded: November 22, 2018

My name is Gregory Warne and my organization’s name is Creative Paths. I like to refer to myself as an artist. I have won awards for my art and also scored the second highest grade you can get on my advanced placement art exam in high school. I know first hand how art can be healing. For me art has been the only constant in my life and it is also how I deal with my emotions or other problems. If I am angry or sad, I draw it out and afterwards I feel much better.

So for this project, I would like to connect with struggling kids or teens on an emotional level, teach them about art, and have them express their feelings through all the wonderful mediums of art.


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