Grace Nakyeyune Kirabo, the Community Mushroom Garden

Grace Nakyeyune Kirabo is a 32 year old Ugandan who is passionate about helping her community in Nakabugo village to live happier, healthier lives. Through her project, the Community Mushroom Garden, Grace will establish an educational community garden for the community’s most impoverished members.

Mushrooms are a cheap, flavorful source of protein, vitamins, and minerals making them the perfect nutritional addition to any local food staple. Additionally, when compared to other crops, mushroom cultivation is relatively easy, with low start-up costs and quick turnarounds.

At the Community Mushroom Garden, Grace will provide impoverished families with training in mushroom cultivation, as well as helping them establish their own mushroom gardens. In addition to helping her community grow a nutritious source of food, Grace’s program will decrease local reliance on meat as an expensive and environmentally unsustainable staple food item.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 29, 2015