Got Kokwiri Support Group – Got Kokwiri Support Group

Date grant awarded: June 23, 2018

Got Kokwiri Support Group is a project organized in Kenya that centers on helping poor women living around Lake Victoria, who face many challenges. The lake regions’ main economic activity is fishing, however, they cannot rely on fishing due to the rising population. Women face exploitation by fishermen in Yimbo, Siaya County who offer transactional sex for fish, which leads to high rates of HIV/AIDS infection, death, and an increasing orphan population that cannot support themselves.

The Got Kokwiri Support Group aims to teach women how to generate alternative income through horticultural farming so that they are independent, which will help lower the infection rates of HIV/AIDS, and empower women to raise their families in healthier ways. The community will work together to grow and sell maize, beans, and horticultural crops.