Good Samaritan Soweto Water Project

Date grant awarded: August 25, 2018

Raphael Omondi started working with Good Samaritan Orphanage as a volunteer in 2012 and quickly saw that children in the Soweto Slum in Kayole (in eastern Nairobi, Kenya) were struggling with filling their basic needs, so he came up with ideas to start sustainable activities to support them.

He plans to use the Pollination Project grant to run a water initiative that will provide purified water to children and their families at a low cost, ensuring that everyone has access to clean water while also providing the over 80 children with a source of income to pay for school fees and uniforms. By helping the children at the orphanage avoid having to queue for up to 2-3 hours after school to get water for making their dinner and cleaning their clothes, he is freeing them up to concentrate on their studies instead. Additionally, they’ll now have access to clean water safe for human consumption, whereas previously they were consuming water with too much fluoride and contaminants that would send 6-10 children sent to hospital on a monthly basis for typhoid ailments.