Glory Nyasulu and Mago Irrigation Club – Irrigation Using Rainwater Harvesting Dam

Glory Nyasulu is the founder of the Irrigation Using Rainwater Harvesting Dam project in Kwanda, Malawi. Kwanda is a region that faces prolonged dry spells and erratic rains, whereby the crops fail to thrive as a result. The region is home to a shallow river however given the extreme weather patterns, it often dries during the dry months. The goal of this work is to improve food security through irrigation using the rainwater that will be harvested during the rainy season. Glory’s motivation stems from a visit she paid to Nthalire, a northern town in Malawi that is just as dry as the Kwanda community.

What Glory saw on that day were people with access to food through irrigation and from that moment, she knew this was her calling. Her work in Kwanda will include the establishment of VIWCs: Village Irrigation and Water Committees, which will being together 10 members from 5 villages in the community. These committee members will be agents of agronomy and irrigation to ensure households are having access and are utilizing the water in the dam. As a result of this knowledge, the community members will cultivate variety of crops such as maize, beans, and vegetables on a large piece of land.