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Gary Loewenthal

There isn’t enough space to list all of the amazing work that Gary has done for animal rights and vegan activism. For the last 15 years, Gary has been volunteering his time for animals. His working includes writing letters to the editor, volunteering at a cat and dog shelter, a rabbit rescue effort and farm animal sanctuaries, leafleting, protesting, doing humane education in schools, hosting vegan food demos, co-founding Compassion for Animals, starting and running the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale which raised $350,000 for mostly animal-related charities on six continents, directing campaigns and getting cafeterias to offer vegan options, helping to start the PB&J Campaign and the website for A Well-Fed World and playing great music at countless events with his band Buntopia.

Gary does all of this on a mostly volunteer basis, and is extremely effective while doing it!  His creativity, expertise on the topic of animal rights and plant-based cooking, and his kind and gentle manner, make him a valuable vegan mentor to anyone.  He has planted more vegan seeds than one could ever count!  And he says all of his activism started when he adopted “Mike” the cat in 1999 and changed his life forever. Gary is a dear, genuine person who puts his heart and soul into everything he does.  We are so very fortunate to know Gary Loewenthal and he most definitely deserves The Lisa Shapiro Award for Unsung Vegan Heroes!

Tribute by Lesley Parker, 2014 Unsung Vegan Hero Winner and Bonnie Goodman, TPP Grantee

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