Life is about balance

Foundations Health & Wholeness – Meditation for the Community

Isolation, disconnectedness, stress, and anxiety are states of being that do not discriminate by class, gender, race, age, and culture. We may feel these things in different ways depending on our life experiences. Everyone matters, and everyone can heal. Through this meditation project, we want to do our part to reduce isolation, disconnectedness, stress, and anxiety. Community Meditation Nights offer opportunities throughout the year for adults and families to come together for some time of reflection, connectedness, and peace. We do this for our neighbors, our community members. There are many ways to connect people to each other. Mental health counseling is one way, but not the only way. Our goal is to heal mind and spirit so we can help change lives, families, and communities. What better way to do that than to come together in meditation.

At our core, we believe that each one of us matters. Each one of us has the ability to overcome, trauma, grief, and crisis. We don’t have to do it alone.

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