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Ford Trust, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Livelihoods

Karpagam Anand is the founder of the Ford Trust, a community-oriented non-profit organization working to promote social and economic development in the Sivagangai District of Tamil Nadu, India.

In their newest project, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Livelihoods, Ford Trust is helping impoverished female-headed households by turning untapped resources into a valuable source of nutrition and income.

Through the project, more than 45 single mothers and widows from 27 villages in the historically under-developed Sivagangai District will receive training in composting and organic gardening using commonly available household items and waste products. Additionally, participants will receive home gardening equipment, seeds, and manure for use in starting their very own household gardens.

The vision for the Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Livelihoods project is to empower single mothers and their families by providing them with nutritious crops that they can feed their families or sell for income.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 19, 2015

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