Forbi Perise with a sea turtle

Forbi Perise – Let The Sea Turtle Live

Let The Sea Turtle Live is a project that was inspired after participating in a beach clean up organized by Icenecdev Cameroon a way to combat plastic waste pollution along the western coast. This opportunity engaged grassroot community members as the main actors and agents of change. During the event, I my attention was diverted by a sea turtle shell. After asking some questions about the shell, I realized that little information was known by the community about sea turtles. It became increasingly more prevalent that the awareness and consciousness of the turtles’ ecological value is relevant in reducing the threats posed to the species by the coastal communities.

Ones knowledge on the importance of sea turtles and their conservation needs attention in order to affect attitudinal change by those who are in consistent contact with them. Most often than not, locals communities destroy their natural resources because they do not know the importance of that resource to their livelihood or the impact of their certain activities on the resources. As a result, sea turtles have become victims of the ignorance of such behavior.