Fanta Kondeh and Senesie Conteh, Strengthening Ebola Surveillance, Prevention, and Response

Fanta Kondeh and Senesie Conteh’s Strengthening Ebola Surveillance, Prevention, and Response program is ensuring that communities in Sierra Leone’s Kenema District remain Ebola free in the face of a devastating pandemic.

As the 2015 Ebola outbreaks have swept across the African continent, the death toll in Kenema has risen to more than 500, with more than 1000 documented cases of Ebola. In recent months, medical teams have declared the area Ebola free, but traditional burial practices and social rites threaten to undermine previous eradication efforts.

Through their project, Fanta and Senesie will establish and support the operations of youth-led, Ebola surveillance, prevention, and response teams in sixteen chiefdoms.

Over the next 12 months Fanta and Senesie will train teens from each of the chiefdoms on disease prevention, monitoring and reporting, and response procedures. Youth will be charged with leading the efforts to control the spread of future outbreaks in their communities by teaching residents about the importance of prevention strategies and prompt activation of the emergency medical system.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 26, 2015