Rose Akinyi Onyango – Faith Tailoring Center Project

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Rose Akinyi Onyango
Project Name: Faith Tailoring Center Project
Grant Location: Kanyawegi, KENYA

Project Description: Without jobs, women and girls from Kanyawegi village, Kisumu remain hopeless, engaging in early marriages to survive and often contract diseases including HIV/AIDS. The Faith Tailoring Center Project aims to give hope to rural women and young mothers by teaching them sewing skills which they can use to start their own businesses and get gainful employment as tailors enabling them to provide for their families. This project has trained over 13 women on basic sewing skills and business training. Through this project, we will diversify skills sets for the women by including special machines like over lock which helps them acquire special skills in edging, hemming, sewing and decorating different products. This will enable trainees to be specialize and compete well in the market and get their families out of poverty.