Etang S M Mbeng

ESARDEF – Literate Community Kids

Literate Community Kids is a literacy project located in the forest community of Mokindi, Cameroon. It is coordinated and led by Education for Sustainable and Rural Development Foundation, ESARDEF. The goal of this initiative is to empower underprivileged youth with the required textbooks and didactic materials on core subjects like English, French, mathematics, and other core learning subjects to help solve the various problems faced by these marginalized youths in CAHECAM Primary School. The project is needed to address the poor reading, writing, and numeracy skills of these pupils, preparing them for a vibrant post primary schooling and education. It is important for them to acquire such skills, which are needed for a successful career. Etang Samuel Manyi Mbeng, the project’s lead, is inspired by his youth and the poor skills he once had.

With a grant from TPP, ESARDEF will be able to buy all the much needed literacy resources; textbooks, didactic materials, and book shelves needed to make the project a reality. As a result, teachers will have access to these materials and will be able to teach lessons in class while pupils will have the workbooks and learning aids to effectively learn reading, writing, and possibly solve some learning problems at their range.