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Eric Miller – The Lawn Academy – Roses & Vegetable Gardens for Seniors

Several seniors feel neglected and abandoned when they enter senior housing facilities. Some seniors also do not have readily accessible sources of vegetables at a low cost. This project provides youth participants and adult volunteers an opportunity to demonstrate their love and compassion for seniors by planting rose bushes in their honor and installing vegetable gardens as a free source for vegetables. This work is important, as we want the world to know that seniors deserve an opportunity to experience seasons of roses in bloom, and that roses should be given now – to experience its beauty and significance.

We want youth to understand the importance of respecting and caring for those in need. We want to use our project as a platform to provide youth an opportunity to further develop their character and increase their capacity for compassion for others. We want the world to know that seniors need to be shown love, appreciation, and compassion. We want to others to join us, regardless of where they are in the world, to plant rose bushes or other plants in honor of seniors they love.

The initial seed grant provided an opportunity to implement the annual rose planting project – and we learned so much from the experience. We were able to impact several lives and also learned how to better implement a targeted community project with increased community engagement. We were able to pull multiple organizations and volunteers together to assist youth participants in a demonstration of love for seniors and people with special needs.

This larger follow up allows us to take on what will be our largest project to date. We decided to adopt a senior citizens complex that houses approximately 208 seniors. We will plant a rose bush in honor of each senior and seed 12 vegetable gardens. Thanks to The Pollination Project for providing the initial seed grant to implement our initial project. We are now ready to implement our most ambitious project, and we thank The Pollination Project for the impact grant. It is very exciting and meaningful knowing that the annual blooms of these roses will be a continual demonstration of love and compassion for seniors. We want seniors to experience the beauty and expressions of love through roses in bloom as they spend time outside or look out their windows.

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