Epamba Comfort

Epamba Comfort and Tah Sheron- Besafe Re-Usable Pads For Adolescent Girls And Women In Cameroon

Date grant awarded: 08/08/2017

BeSafe Reusable pads is an initiative conceived by Epamba Comfort with the support of Tah Sheron. This project aims to improve Cameroonian women’s health by setting up a micro-enterprise initiative for a women’s group in Kake-Kumba in the production and sale of reusable, washable sanitary pads to their immediate communities and surroundings villages.

The project aims to make sanitary towels available at low costs for school-aged girls and women in the area. The establishment of a reusable pad production micro-enterprise will also empower young girls and women to gain entrepreneurial skills to produce their own sanitary pads and reach thousands of girls and women in underserved areas at low cost–currently many cannot afford disposable pads.

This project will keep adolescent girls in school and women at work during menses, increase their overall performance, reduce teenage and unwanted pregnancies and save money that would otherwise be spent on medical care to combat infections and illnesses due to the lack of feminine hygiene products. It will create jobs for women and empower all females to attend work and school comfortably and in good health during menstruation.