Environmental Education to Transform – UnEcoPlan

Date grant awarded: June 4, 2018

UnEcoPlan is an organization, run by Diana Ramirez, that is improving the infrastructure of schools through the inclusion of environmental education among primary school students located in Zapopan, Jalisco. The ultimate goal of this organization has to do with quality education and its correlation with poverty. The school infrastructure has an impact on the quality of education received by students.

A student who studies in vulnerable conditions (including inadequate school infrastructure) is three times more likely to have a low academic performance, and this results in an inequality of opportunities, which translates into an inequitable distribution of wealth. That is why when it comes to improving the school infrastructure, equal opportunities can be offered, which in the long run translates into an equitable distribution of wealth and fighting poverty at its root.

That is why UnEcoPlan was born. They attempt to dignify the facilities of public primary schools through recycling. They exchange recyclable materials (plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminum) for maintenance services (painting, deep cleaning, afforestation and creation of green areas, etc.) to the facilities of participating schools. Throughout their existence, they have managed to benefit more than 5000 students from 9 public elementary schools.