Theoretical-practical training on the formulation of soap from recycled oil

ENTORNOS EDUCATIVOS A.C. – Women working for women without opportunities

In our organization we work to reduce environmental problems, such as pollution, loss of biodiversity, and climate change among others. From our work in the communities, we observed the need to include the social focus, rights and perspective approach of genre; so that from a social change the transformations to the care and preservation of the natural resources are generated.

In Mexico City there are areas of great exclusion due to their poverty and the level of violence. With our work, we intend to generate gender justice for older women who do not have the possibilities to obtain a job or have a training to start a business teaching women to produce ecological cleaning products, such as soap and derivatives, recycling the oil to prevent contamination. Ultimately, we wish to implement a micro-enterprise so that women have a fair and equitable job and income.

The seed grant from The Pollination Project will help the women’s group in purchasing the inputs to start the production and the generation of income with which they can continue their work and training, all the while starting and strengthening their micro-enterprise.