Elizabeth Tyson

Elizabeth Tyson, Youth for Change – The Palestinian Animal League

Grantee Name: Elizabeth Tyson
Project Name: Youth for Change – The Palestinian Animal League
Grant Location: Abu Dis (Jerusalem), Birzeit (Ramallah), Bethlehem, Tul, Palestine

Funding Partner: A Well Fed World

Project Description: The “Youth for Change” Programme, established between the Palestinian Animal League (PAL) and three universities in the West Bank, began work in March 2015. The PAL team trained university students to act as mentors in a ground-breaking project which seeks to encourage school children to identify, understand and tackle animal welfare problems in their local communities by creating child-led campaigns to remedy problems. Since then, the project has worked with hundreds of school children in developing dozens of projects including: vegan outreach programs, the establishment of Palestine’s first ever vegan cafeteria and the ending of lethal control of stray dogs in Bethlehem.