Elizabeth Stevens – The Serengeti Human and Wildlife Care Project

In this world, women and girls, especially orphans, are deeply marginalized while some plants and animals are facing extinction. Hence the initiative is set to bring needed change. “Realizing the World of High Human Dignity and Well Conserved Wildlife” aim to build the capacity of the poor to reduce poverty and improve their standards of living through income generating activities, raise people’s knowledge about human rights, child rights, and gender equality, and to conserve plants and animals. Women and girls especially orphans are deeply marginalized by the societies. Stella Juma one of the directors of this feminist initiative grew up as an orphan and suffered terrible injustice. It is also undeniable fact that nature is wearing out, several species are endangered rapidly facing extinction especially in national parks and game reserves. In order to live good life on this planet we have to preserve not only natural resources but also to enhance human dignity.

After receiving a seed grant from TPP, the door was opened for more funding from Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund, the American Embassy in Tanzania, and Jana Robeyst Trust Fund. Having observed outcomes and impact of our projects, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism requested us to extend our services from the Serengeti ecosystem to other national parks and game reserves in the country. The work of our project has grown very well, we started with focusing on wildlife and now this large grant will enable us to improve human dignity. This will be inline with our vision of “Realizing the World of High Human Dignity and Well Conserved Wildlife.”

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