An educated girl is a powerful girl!

Eleonora Mamatova, Akbermet Kozubaeva – An educated girl is a powerful girl!

CARE helps children to obtain an education and life skills which will give them the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their lives. The project addresses the issue of girls from poor families in access to education by teaching English and basic programming as well as life and soft skills to 30 girls. Providing girls with these skills will increase their chances for future employment and/or continued education, thus setting the foundation for a successful future. By implementing this project, we believe that we will contribute to 30 young lives being able to avoid gender-based violence and achieve a higher level of education and greater economic opportunity.

From my 14 years of experience in the development sphere, I know that many young girls’ fates can be improved if someone helps and supports them on time. I always dreampt that I would run my own NGO to help children and youth gain equitable access to education because literacy and good education open up economic opportunities. It is very important for me to know and hope that by helping the girls in need today, they will have a brighter future tomorrow. I hope that my efforts will prevent at least one girl from early marriage and gender-based violation.

TPP seed grant played the greatest role in building my confidence that I am in the right direction. TPP was the first who trusted my initiatives and supported. The seed grant helped me to reveal like-minded people while helping CARE grow by learning success stories from different countries.

This larger follow-up award will help CARE to expand activities and increase the number of beneficiaries. Additionally, this impact grant will help CARE to develop the work of CARE in teaching coding and programming basics to girls. This is a new experience for us. We hope that this impact grant will help us to gain positive changes and we can replicate this project in other rural districts of Kyrgyzstan.

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