Edelson Arano Dulang, Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation

Edelson Arano Dulang was born in the coastal village of Lanao Del Norte in the Philippines. As a long time resident of Lanao Del Norte, Edelson understands the importance of sustainability in managing and interacting with local ecosystems.

Through his project, Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation, Edelson is helping to preserve the forests that protect coastal villages from annual typhoons.

Every year the coastline of the Tubod Province is battered by storms that flood the areas around Lanao Del Norte causing property damage, environmental devastation, and recurrent food shortages. Local mangroves forests, however, remain largely unaffected during typhoon season. These forests play an important role in protecting the coastline while providing refuge for fish and wildlife.

Edelson’s project will train local youth to conserve and rehabilitate local mangroves in an effort to fortify his community against the effects of annual storms. Over the next 12 months Edelson will mobilize local youth to create a nursery in their village where they will cultivate mangrove saplings to plant in forests along the coast.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 14, 2015