Durian - Imafon Bamboo Nursery Farm Project

Joy Tony – Imafon Bamboo Nursery Farm Project

Date grant awarded: 03/17/2018

Joy Tony’s Durian project empowers rural communities to become self-sufficient through transforming local waste into value. Their Imafon Bamboo Nursery Farm program aims to restore the bamboo forest in Imafon community. The goal is to empower the community to see the value in bamboo so they can break their cycle of poverty. The community will be taught how to transform the bamboo into bicycles, household items (such as table, chairs, pen holders), as well as musical instruments (flutes and xylophones) so that they can become self-sufficient. Through this project the community be a part protecting their environment through the planting of bamboo trees. This project will also be introduced to the community farmers as a strategy to increase their source of income.