Dorcas Apoore, Women’s Basket Weaving

Dorcas Apoore is the founder of ASIGE (Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education), a woman-based organization that empowers women in basket weaving through an innovative and multi-faceted designs with the use of straw, waste rubbers, and dye. The baskets are being modernized with the use of plastics (rubbers). Women are, therefore, working in a group to build wealth and financial diversification through a savings system known as “Build Operate and Share.”

Women’s Basket Weaving is a strategic long-term project to eliminate poverty in Atampuurum in Bolgatanga, Municipal of Ghana. Besides the technical capacity, women will also be trained in business support programs such as savings, customer care, and access to market information, record keeping and entrepreneurship.

ASIGE’s Basket Weaving creates wealth by allowing women to work in a group to harness the power of synergy.