Alison Gadziemski with a pig

Dominion Sanctuary – Pigs, Kids & Fun!

Dominion Sanctuary’s Pigs, Kids & Fun day camp is a half day summer camp focusing on connecting kids and their families with “food” animals, specifically pigs, exploring their care and personalities, and ultimately, helping them view animals as more than just a commodity. Along with co-leaders, Alexianna Mundy, Megan Zars, and Jennifer Papa, Allie Gadziemski will incorporate age-appropriate education about pigs, environmental issues, plant based foods, and sustainability.

Together they will craft, hike through the woods, and enjoy a plant-based meal together. Depending on their age and interest, campers will be invited to directly interact with the animals. This work came to life as a result of their desire to connect kids to view animals as individuals and not food. Most people never get an opportunity to learn hands-on about pigs and spend time with them, so the connections and fun offered by this camp have the potential to create life changing connections with animals.