Dianne Venetta - The BloominThyme Collaborative

Dianne Venetta – The BloominThyme Collaborative

Date grant awarded: November 22, 2018

Dianne Venetta began her gardening career as mother, passionate about the health of her children. She began volunteering in her children’s school garden and witnessed firsthand the thrill of discovery when a child learned that carrots grew underground, and that potatoes were actually the “seeds” to be planted for another season’s crop. The fact that most of the children did not know where their food came from amazed her, but the pride of ownership they gained from growing their own food ignited her mission. She learned that if a child grows it, they will eat it—and they might not share!

Through her TPP funded project, BloominThyme Collaborative, Dianne will expand the network of school gardens in Lake County, Florida, a community with over 70% Title l public schools. The BloominThyme Collaborative believes that empowering children to grow fruits and vegetables will allow them to take ownership of their health and well-being, leading more productive and fulfilling lives. Their motto: If a child grows it, they will eat it!